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The Elite "Judogi": A Zero-Star Product from a Zero-Star Company

I recently purchased the Elite Sports Double Weave IJF Judo kimono, and I must say that I am utterly disappointed with both the product and the company behind it. This review serves as a cautionary tale for anyone considering this purchase.

Firstly, the most glaring issue is the false claim of IJF approval. Despite the company's insistence that this kimono is IJF approved, it is nothing more than a lie. The lack of any official recognition from the International Judo Federation renders this product unsuitable for those seeking quality gear in line with international standards.

Furthermore, the advertised "double weave" is nothing but a fabrication. The kimono I received is disappointingly lightweight and does not provide the durability and reinforcement associated with a genuine double weave judogi. It is disheartening to see such misleading claims being made about a product that fails to live up to its description.

Additionally, the product is not even cut as a judogi, further adding to the list of misrepresentations. The improper fit and design compromise the functionality and authenticity of the kimono, making it more akin to a cheap lightweight BJJ gi than a legitimate judogi.

To make matters worse, the company behind this misleading product is embroiled in controversy. Their deceptive practices and false advertising raise serious concerns about their integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction. It is evident that they prioritize profit over honesty and customer trust.

In the past, I have always strived to find something positive to say about the products I review. However, in the case of the Elite Sports Double Weave IJF Judo kimono, I am truly at a loss. The blatant lies about IJF approval, the absence of a genuine double weave, and the improper cut all contribute to the overall disappointment I experienced.

In conclusion, I strongly advise against purchasing this kimono or supporting this company. The Elite Sports Double Weave IJF Judo kimono is nothing more than a subpar, mislabeled product that fails to meet its advertised claims. Coupled with the controversies surrounding the company, it becomes clear that this is a zero-star product from a zero-star company. Save your money and look elsewhere for a genuine and reliable judogi.

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