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Fuji Double Weave: Solid Choice with Minor Drawbacks

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

I recently purchased the Fuji double weave judogi and overall, I'm quite satisfied with its performance. While it does have a few minor drawbacks, it remains a solid choice for judo practitioners. However, I would recommend considering the Fuji Eurocomp as an alternative, as it offers some notable improvements.

One aspect that stood out to me about the Fuji double weave judogi is its durability. The double weave fabric feels sturdy and well-constructed, reminiscent of the traditional double weaves from the past. This judogi can definitely withstand rigorous training sessions and intense grappling without showing signs of wear and tear. It's clear that Fuji has put effort into ensuring the longevity of this gi.

However, the heavyweight nature of the double weave fabric also has its downsides. While it provides excellent resistance against grips, it can feel somewhat restrictive during movement. This is where the Eurocomp takes the lead. The Eurocomp offers a lighter and more comfortable feel, allowing for enhanced agility and freedom of motion. If you prioritize maneuverability over the extra weight, the Eurocomp is worth the upgrade.

Another minor issue I encountered with the Fuji double weave judogi is the length of the jacket skirt. Unfortunately, it falls a bit shorter than that of the Eurocomp. As a result, the judogi tends to become untucked more frequently during intense training sessions. Although this may not be a deal-breaker for everyone, it can be a bit frustrating at times and interrupts the flow of practice.

Despite these limitations, I believe the Fuji double weave judogi is a very good option overall. Its durability and classic double weave design are commendable features, especially for those seeking a robust gi. However, I recommend considering the Eurocomp if you prioritize mobility and a longer jacket skirt. The small cost savings with the double weave might not outweigh the advantages offered by the Eurocomp.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a reliable judogi with a traditional feel, the Fuji double weave is a solid choice. While it has some limitations, its durability and overall performance make it a worthwhile purchase. However, if you can afford the slightly higher price, the Fuji Eurocomp offers improved mobility and a longer jacket skirt, making it a better option for those seeking enhanced comfort during training sessions.

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